Prince of Persia is one of the most played classic computer games at least is the one I played the most back in the days with my Epson Equity II.

Today I found how to play this gem again using a MS-DOS emulator called DOSBox which is optimized for this kind of games, Since it brought me so much joy I decided to make a video an shared with you guys/galls.

The video is less than 3 minutes and it explains you how to install it and it gives you a bit of an idea on how it looks.

In case you missed a step here is the list of commands I ran to get Prince of Persia running on my Linux box, in this case I am using Fedora 17.

Lets begin with the installation of the emulator and setting up a directory where we will be storing these games.

su -
yum install dosbox -y
mkdir ~/games

As you can see besides installing DOSBox and creating some directories we also opening firefox with a URL where you can download the game.

Next we will be downloading it, copying it to our ~/games folder and decompressing it.

cp ~/prince*zip ~/games
cd ~/games
unzip ~/prince*zip
rm ~/prince*zip

Lets now launch DOSBox and once inside we will be mounting ~/games as it if were the C unit, lastly launching the game.

Remember, you have to replace /home/usuario/games with the complete path to your home directory


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