The Onion Ring (TOR) protect your privacy by piping connection through a distributed network all over the world. It Prevents totalitarian governments from keeping a tab on which sites you visit and at the same time that malicious websites get your geolocation.

The installation is relatively easy and configuring the official Twitter client or 3rd party Facebook clients to use to use TOR is even easier. Lets take a look at this video that shows you how to configure the Twitter client on your Android device:

As you can see the process is easy and once you have installed ORBOT it takes a couple of seconds to configure the official Twitter client on Android, you just have to set the client client to use the HT T P proxy IP to and the port set to 8118.

Note that even though I have rooted (the equivalent of jailbroken for iOS devices) my tablet I did not allowed ORBOT to use root (super user) when it asked for permissions for it so it should work on phones and tablets without root access.

The applications that I used on this video can be downloaded from the Play Store of Google

What about Facebook?

For Facebook recommend using Tinfoil for Facebook and configure the the HTTP Proxy the same way we did it for the Twitter client, You can download the application directly from the Play Store.

If you want to know more about this application made by a Venezuelan just read "Tinfoil for Facebook, functional and respects your privacy" , an article I wrote some time ago.

Here is a set of screenshots that shows you how to configure Tinfoil for Facebook just use for the IP or Host of the HTTP Proxy and set the port to 8118.

How to configure Tinfoil for Facebook and TOR

From your computer.

If you also want privacy when navigating from your computer, you can use TOR Browser Bundle which is a software suite that includes the TOR Client and a version of FireFox pre-configured to use it.

TOR Browser Bundle supports various versions of Windows operating systems, Linux y Mac OS X.


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