At the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela you are either with chavismo or you die of hunger.

Since I started this blog I kept away my self from posting political related articles and I will try to do so but today I saw something that at first I did not know weather I should laugh or cry, it latter sunk in and I just felt ashamed.

The current regime is investing a lot of money in propaganda to attempt to convince average Venezuelans that thanks to them now "Venezuela is for all (Venezuelans)" but the truth is that you cant discern from them and expect to get a job, you cant openly criticize the administration and expect to find food, medicine, etc. Here is a screenshot that I took from one job posting:

Una muestra de la discriminación politica en Venezuela. Tomado de la plataforma colaborativa

This explains a bit why there aren't enough skilled technicians working on the nations infrastructure, why Internet service is spotty, drops packages, has elevated latency and has continues blackouts. It is clear that Venezuela's electric services is not the one you would expect from a OPEC member. Further more, Venezuela's ability to produce oil has gone down, Venezuela produces less and less oil each year.

Venezuela's health system is bad enough that its president had to go other country to get his illness treated.

If you look close to above screenshot, it is not only political discrimination but discrimination by gender and age, a job posting like this on any developed country would have ended on a civil lawsuit.

The government is spending a lot of resources on tying to find skilled workers, they are so desperate that even though they talk trash about North Americans the have resourced to expand their propaganda American sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The URL for this job posting and where I got the screenshot is:

This next screenshot comes months after the above job posting (08/03/2014) and as you can see nothing has changed, here you see some one looking for people to work as teachers at the UNEFA university and the clear requirement that one should not have voted against Hugo Chavez on past referendum. What makes this even sadder is that it was posted on a LUG (Linux Users Group) mail thread.

Lets take a look at Mr. José Zambrano Rivero claramente message:

Eduardo José. Zambrano Rivero. cellphone 58 + 0416/9798109

If you have any comment I bet you can addresse it to Jose Rivero through the phone posted on the screenshot.


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